Bioesque Solutions is now an integral part of Hyundai’s new Clean Assurance program, a new set of safety protocols designed to provide customers with extra peace of mind during the coronavirus pandemic.

By  Caleb Cook – THE NEWS WHEEL

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The program sets strict standards for the most effective cleaning procedures and proper social distancing measure. At the same time, it offers the necessary safety training for all of their dealers and employees across the United States.

“We want our customers and owners to know that we are reinforcing our commitment to prioritize their health in this new retail and service environment. It’s been a collaborative effort with our dealer body to develop training materials, guidelines, and digital and remote services,” said Barry Ratzlaff, chief customer officer of Hyundai Motor America. “Hyundai Assurance is built on the foundation of America’s Best Warranty and represents the guiding principle behind everything we do.”

Bioesque Solutions supplies dealerships with the professional cleaning and disinfectant products it needs as part of Hyundai’s Clean Assurance program

Bioesque Solutions will be supplying each dealership with the professional cleaning and disinfectant it needs as part of the Clean Assurance program along with detailed instructions and standards for using the supplies for maximum efficacy and efficiency. These products are EPA-registered with a one-minute viral kill time and will keep dealerships safely sanitized for both customers and employees.

Clean Assurance is also a means to ensure that dealers are adhering to the social distancing guidelines put forth by state and local health departments. Additionally, Hyundai is compiling comprehensive training programs to assist dealerships in making customer and employee safety the top priority from the sales floor to the service garage.

Additional safe business practices

In addition to the new Clean Assurance program, Hyundai dealers across the United States are providing an array of online customer services. This includes digital retailing, which allows customers to complete the buy process online, as well as home deliveries of new vehicles and a contactless process for service and repair pickups and drop-offs.

Communities all across the country are implementing a range of strategies and guidelines for safe business practices during the coronavirus pandemic and Hyundai’s Clean Assurance program, featuring Bioesque Solutions, provide a means for dealers and customers to conduct business in a safe way, whether they shop online or visit a Hyundai dealership.

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