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Business Goes From Carpet Cleaning to COVID Busting with Bioesque Solutions

“A disinfectant called Bioesque is Robla FloodPro’s main weapon in fighting against COVID-19”

By  Brendan Straub – WWNYTV CHANNEL 7 NEWS


NEWS 7 met some COVID busters in St. Lawrence County who adapted their business to keep people safe and healthy.

A disinfectant called Bioesque is Robla FloodPro’s main weapon in fighting against COVID-19.

The business is known for carpet cleaning and restoration work, but changed course when the pandemic began.

“When they first shut down everything, our minds started rolling like we could really do something with this, we need to get on board and get all of the chemicals that we need,” said Ashley Robla, co-owner.

So, the Roblas started ordering all of the materials including Bioesque Disinfectant Solution for their crews in order to start their COVID cleanings.

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Bioesque Solutions is now an integral part of Hyundai’s new Clean Assurance program, a new set of safety protocols designed to provide customers with extra peace of mind during the coronavirus pandemic.

By  Caleb Cook – THE NEWS WHEEL

Photo: Hyundai

The program sets strict standards for the most effective cleaning procedures and proper social distancing measure. At the same time, it offers the necessary safety training for all of their dealers and employees across the United States.

“We want our customers and owners to know that we are reinforcing our commitment to prioritize their health in this new retail and service environment. It’s been a collaborative effort with our dealer body to develop training materials, guidelines, and digital and remote services,” said Barry Ratzlaff, chief customer officer of Hyundai Motor America. “Hyundai Assurance is built on the foundation of America’s Best Warranty and represents the guiding principle behind everything we do.”

Bioesque Solutions supplies dealerships with the professional cleaning and disinfectant products it needs as part of Hyundai’s Clean Assurance program

Bioesque Solutions will be supplying each dealership with the professional cleaning and disinfectant it needs as part of the Clean Assurance program along with detailed instructions and standards for using the supplies for maximum efficacy and efficiency. These products are EPA-registered with a one-minute viral kill time and will keep dealerships safely sanitized for both customers and employees.

Clean Assurance is also a means to ensure that dealers are adhering to the social distancing guidelines put forth by state and local health departments. Additionally, Hyundai is compiling comprehensive training programs to assist dealerships in making customer and employee safety the top priority from the sales floor to the service garage.

Additional safe business practices

In addition to the new Clean Assurance program, Hyundai dealers across the United States are providing an array of online customer services. This includes digital retailing, which allows customers to complete the buy process online, as well as home deliveries of new vehicles and a contactless process for service and repair pickups and drop-offs.

Communities all across the country are implementing a range of strategies and guidelines for safe business practices during the coronavirus pandemic and Hyundai’s Clean Assurance program, featuring Bioesque Solutions, provide a means for dealers and customers to conduct business in a safe way, whether they shop online or visit a Hyundai dealership.

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Boomer and Gio Morning Show talk BIOESQUE

Boomer Esiason using Bioesque disinfectant to disinfect the entire WFAN studio so there are no viruses, germs, bacteria, and of course covid-19


Bioesque disinfectant on Boomer and Gio Show
Boomer and Gio Morning Radio Show features Bioesque

Boomer Esiason hosing down the on-air studio with Bioesque disinfectant the other day.  Boy was his on-air partner, Gregg Giannotti, ever surprised!  “Boomer and Gio” host the top-rated morning show on WFAN in New York….a show which is also televised nationally.   

Boomer is a national television celebrity, hosting not only the Boomer & Gio Morning Show, but many other shows on CBS…especially during the football season as he played 14 years as a Quarterback in the NFL.

Hear the actual show (Dec 11, 2020) here.

Clean Safely Platform features BIOESQUE

Clean Safely Platform powered by RSC Bio Solutions empowers businesses to clean with confidence using Bioesque Solutions


Photo: Clean Safely Platform features Bioesque Solutions

Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution is now a feature of the Clean Safely platform, an end-to-end answer to the escalating sanitization challenges in a number of industry sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, transportation, governments and municipalities, and healthcare, senior, and childcare facilities. RSC Bio Solutions, an environmentally conscious industry leader with 30 years of experience, developed the platform to put an end to viral threats in public, commercial, and industrial spaces in a safe and simple manner. The Clean Safely platform focuses on the three pillars of cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining. It breaks down these processes into easily manageable steps, supported by high-performance, sustainable products like Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution.

Mike Guggenheimer, President and CEO of RSC Bio Solutions says, “[t]here is so much noise and confusion surrounding how to clean and disinfect public premises that we decided to turn our in-depth industry knowledge into curating simple, clear-cut solutions. We see our role as a trusted advisor with the expertise and products to help businesses and industries prepare spaces to open safely and efficiently, keep operations moving, and maintain clean and safe working environments during re-opening and for the future.”

Thoroughly vetted and designed with versatility in mind

RSC Bio Solutions research and development team thoroughly vetted the Clean Safely products and chose them according to their on their adaptability, usability, and efficacy. They designed the platform with versatility in mind to make space for individualized protocols that meet specific requirements regarding space, frequency, manpower, and equipment across a wide variety of industries.

Step one of the Clean Safely platform focuses on the first pillar: deep cleaning. This essential and, unfortunately, often overlooked step ensures that surfaces are free of virus- and bacteria-attracting dirt, dust, and grime. The protocol taps RSC Bio Solution’s own EnviroLogic CSR-2000 Cleaner to handle larger surface areas as well as heavy industrial use. Meanwhile, their popular GUNK brand Biodegradable General Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is more suitable for smaller areas. The product is available in a ready-to-use trigger spray bottle along with Multi-Purpose Wipes for a quick, easy, and effective application.

Protocol moves on to the second pillar, disinfecting the area with Bioesque’s EPA-registered Broad-Spectrum Botanical Disinfectant Solution

Once the surface is clean, the protocol moves on to the second pillar, disinfecting the area with Bioesque’s EPA-registered Broad-Spectrum Botanical Disinfectant Solution. This product stands out in the industry as it doesn’t require a rinse down, even on food contact surfaces. It has a 99.99% sanitation efficacy rate as well as a one-minute kill time for a full range of disease-causing viruses, including Human Coronavirus, along with bacteria, fungi, and molds.

Larry Beaver, Ph.D., and Vice President of Research and Development for the Clean Safely platform says, “Our best defense against another outbreak is shared knowledge, best-in-class products, and the discipline to follow strict industry-appropriate protocol. As technologists with a long history of performance in environmental technology, we are uniquely qualified to curate this holistic platform and enter the space of safe, healthy, and high-performing cleaning and disinfecting solutions.”

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Disinfecting the Workplace During COVID-19

Cleaning companies have shifted their focus to help keep your employees and customers safe.

By Jim Pytell, Assistant Editor – NEW JERSEY BUSINESS MAGAZINE

The coronavirus pandemic has forced all businesses to adjust their operations in a variety of ways in order to maintain a proper level of health and safety for their employees and customers. Not only does this “new normal” include government mandated mitigation requirements such as wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing, but it also requires business owners to completely reassess the regular cleaning routines at their companies.

While many employees have been directed to work from home for the foreseeable future, in the event that someone needs to visit the office, or for the many businesses that are able to open and serve customers during the pandemic such as outdoor dining at restaurants and shopping at retail stores, for example, giving employees and customers the confidence that your place of business is properly disinfected during this pandemic is vital.

Additionally, cleaning companies themselves have had to significantly beef up, and in some cases shift their focus, to thorough disinfection according to the standards that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have laid out.

A New Threat Requiring a Heightened Focus

Robert Rivadeneira, president and CEO of Moonachie-based York Building Services, says that in the early stages of the pandemic, he started receiving all sorts of questions from customers about whether his professional cleaning service could help businesses properly disinfect their workspace to keep employees and customers safe.

“It really was on the back of our minds,” Rivadeneira says. “A pandemic is something you see in horror movies as a sort of doomsday scenario. While we’ve always cleaned for health, typically our [professional cleaning services] industry has been focused on cleaning for appearance. How shiny can we get the floors? How clean are the windows? That was kind of always the emphasis. You can see the results of freshly buffed floor, but you can’t see a disinfected doorknob. Given the choice, I’ll take the disinfected doorknob because that’s what is going to keep people healthy.”

Rivadeneira says that his company has shifted its focus to helping companies reopen by providing deep cleaning disinfection services, implementing the use of Environmental Protection Agency-approved, hospital-grade disinfectants, as well as focusing on training and helping clients create strategic plans to ensure a safe reopening.

Tony Crisafulli Jr., president of Pompton Plains-based ATRA Janitorial Supply Company, says that his company has been providing cleaning and maintenance supplies, as well as training, to its clients since 1982.

“Two-and-a-half years ago in Kenilworth, we had a workshop day with 275 school districts where we showed them how to better utilize technology, with a big part of it being on disinfection and decontamination, and understanding what you do when you are cleaning

for health,” Crisafulli says. “If the threat level increases within your community or within your school, because of seasonal flu, MRSA or now COVID-19, we have to ramp up our frequencies and evaluate our products and procedures.”

Understand What Disinfectants are Safe and Effective

In addition to physically cleaning and supplying clients with the right cleaning supplies, a big part of what companies like ATRA Janitorial and York Building Services are doing is helping clients navigate the complexities of what disinfectants to use and how to use them safely.

“When this first started, the EPA came out with List N, which listed the products that it deemed would be effective against COVID-19,” Crisafulli continues. “Not all disinfectants are created equal though, and many of them, even though they’re on List N, have human health and environmental risks that need to be researched and evaluated.” Crisafulli says a bioesque botanical disinfectant, which falls under the safest EPA category of level four disinfecting, has been one of his company’s most successful products during the pandemic, for example.

“The fact of the matter is that your disinfecting frequencies are going to significantly increase. You’ll be disinfecting anywhere between four to eight times more than you normally would,” Crisafulli says.

With that increase in use comes other challenges such as unsafe overuse of disinfectants. “Too much of anything can be bad,” Rivadeneira adds. “The last thing we want to do is kill COVID-19 and create a safe environment, but then also destroy the indoor air quality and do potentially irreversible damage to our respiratory system or our skin by using products that aren’t safe,” Crisafulli says.

At the End of the Day, You Need a Plan

Ultimately, in order for businesses to properly disinfect their workplace, they need to develop a plan. The CDC recommends identifying common “touch points,” such as door knobs, light switches, faucets, copy machines and printers, for example, which will need to be cleaned using a two-step process that includes a soap and water clean first, followed by the use of an EPA approved disinfectant. These cleanings will have to occur regularly throughout the day, as Crisafulli mentioned, so again, a plan is key.

To help businesses develop a plan, the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA) has created the NJBIA Healthy Business Certification online course, which provides businesses with

best practices to develop policies and procedures for a healthy and safe workplace. It teaches the basics to identify, reduce, eliminate and report potential hazards at one’s workplace. At the completion of the course, participants will submit their plan to be certified. A Healthy Business Certificate will then be issued, along with a safety decal to display at the location of your business.

“NJBIA is providing this certification course because it provides employers the vital tools needed to reopen safely,” says NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka. “Obviously, business

owners want to put the safety of their employees, customers and vendors first and foremost. This course gives them a chance to work with our instructors to develop and follow a deep set of workplace procedures and a documented plan. We’re talking ways to identify, reduce, eliminate and report potential hazards. Once the course is completed, business owners can display a safety decal, which gives anyone who enters the premise peace-of-mind knowing they’re entering a safe workplace.”

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Killer Tools Introduces Sanitizing Mister/Fogger

Mr. Fogger can sanitize an entire office/seating area, vehicles and shop equipment in minutes.

Killer Tools has introduced the Mr. Fogger sanitizing mister/fogger, a 110-volt plug-in or 18-volt cordless tool that can sanitize an entire office/seating area, vehicles and shop equipment in minutes with a 36-micron mist that reaches into every crevice.

Use it to spray a light mist of the EPA-registered Bioesque disinfectant that kills 99.9% of most allergens upon contact and is on the N list approved to kill COVID-19 with a contact period of four minutes. It is all natural, non-corrosive, free from chlorine and does not have to be wiped off surfaces.

Mr. Fogger is built in the USA with globally sourced components and comes with one quart of Bioesque® Solutions and a one-year warranty.

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Bioesque Solutions Rolls Out New Norovirus Fighting Product

Bioesque Solutions rolled out a new Botanical Disinfectant Solution that was recently accepted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for the fight against Norovirus, bacteria, fungi and mold.


Bioesque Solutions has introduced a new, ready-to-use Botanical Disinfectant Solution for daily cleaning and sanitizing. This product was recently confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency as effective against norovirus, bacteria, fungi and mold.

The patented formula is a botanically derived and Thymox-based solution that contains no harsh chemicals and is free from chlorine, phosphate, and NPE. Furthermore, the environmentally-conscious, highly effective disinfectant is also non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-abrasive. This makes it a perfect product for a vast array of hard and soft surfaces, including metals, plastics, rubber, glazed tiles and bathrooms, wood finishes, sealed marble, floors, fabrics, walls, and curtains. The solution is also kitchen and dining area friendly as it does not require a rinse for food contact surfaces.

The product kills both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses in as little as one minute

The Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution meets EPA standards for broad range disinfection and sanitization against norovirus, M. bovis (TB), MRSA, VRE, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, S. enterica E. coli, K. pneumoniae (NDM-1 ), L. monocytogenes, S. suis, human coronavirus, HIV-1, swine influenza A, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), T. mentagrophytes, and C. albicans. The product kills both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses in as little as one minute and has a four-minute kill time against norovirus. In addition to its efficacy against viruses and bacteria, the Botanical Disinfectant Solution eliminates 99% of allergens.

Additionally, the Bioesque Botanical Solution is as efficient as it is effective, eliminating the use of a wide variety of multiple cleaning products by handling cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and deodorizing all in one safe, sustainable solution with a two-year shelf life. No personal protective equipment is needed to handle or apply the product as cleaning crews can just spray and leave to dry. The solution can also be added to foggers and sprayers for safe coverage of large areas.

Already a part of sanitization procedures in major hospital and healthcare groups across the country as well as cruise ships and hotels, the Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution is fast becoming the disinfectant of choice in schools, offices, airlines and public transportation, restaurants, and athletic and sports facilities.

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Industry Leader John K. Morgan to Serve as Chairman of Bioesque Solutions.

Industry Leader John K. Morgan to Serve as Chairman of Bioesque Solutions.

Boca Raton FL, July 9, 2018 – Bioesque Solutions, a pioneer in the development and distribution of botanically based disinfectant and cleaning products, announced today that John K. Morgan has joined the company as an investor and will serve as its Chairman.

“As the former CEO of some of the countries’ premier brands of cleaning products, I had concluded that environmentally friendly and personally safe products that are also effective in cleaning and sanitizing would be a winning combination.”, Morgan explained. “That is what Bioesque Solutions has developed.” A recognized leader in the cleaning chemicals industry, Morgan previously served as Chairman and CEO of Zep Inc., transforming the company through the creation and acquisition of numerous brands and new products. His team took the company public in 2007, restructured the business then increased sales by over 40% to more than $700 million before its purchase by New Mountain Capital in 2015. Prior to Zep, he spent 30 years in the electrical industry, serving as CEO of Acuity Brands Lighting, the world’s premier lighting fixture manufacturer.

He is a Director of Wesco International (NYSE:WCC), an $8 Billion electrical and industrial distributor and LSI Industries (NASDAQ:LYTS), a $300 Million lighting and graphics manufacturer. He also serves on the boards of various private and non-profit organizations.

According to Morgan, “I was attracted to Bioesque Solutions because of the team and the focus on creating safe disinfectants, cleaning and sanitizing products. It was obvious from the beginning that they care about doing things right for the client and the environment.”


Bioesque Solutions offers a family of products for antimicrobial cleaning that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. Utilizing Thymox Technology, a sustainable botanical formula with strong antimicrobial and cleaning efficacy, as the key component, Bioesque products provide the benefits of nature to address the demanding and ever-changing needs of commercial customers across various industries, including, healthcare, food service, janitorial and restoration.

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