Clean Safely Platform features BIOESQUE

Clean Safely Platform powered by RSC Bio Solutions empowers businesses to clean with confidence using Bioesque Solutions


Photo: Clean Safely Platform features Bioesque Solutions

Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution is now a feature of the Clean Safely platform, an end-to-end answer to the escalating sanitization challenges in a number of industry sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, transportation, governments and municipalities, and healthcare, senior, and childcare facilities. RSC Bio Solutions, an environmentally conscious industry leader with 30 years of experience, developed the platform to put an end to viral threats in public, commercial, and industrial spaces in a safe and simple manner. The Clean Safely platform focuses on the three pillars of cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining. It breaks down these processes into easily manageable steps, supported by high-performance, sustainable products like Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution.

Mike Guggenheimer, President and CEO of RSC Bio Solutions says, “[t]here is so much noise and confusion surrounding how to clean and disinfect public premises that we decided to turn our in-depth industry knowledge into curating simple, clear-cut solutions. We see our role as a trusted advisor with the expertise and products to help businesses and industries prepare spaces to open safely and efficiently, keep operations moving, and maintain clean and safe working environments during re-opening and for the future.”

Thoroughly vetted and designed with versatility in mind

RSC Bio Solutions research and development team thoroughly vetted the Clean Safely products and chose them according to their on their adaptability, usability, and efficacy. They designed the platform with versatility in mind to make space for individualized protocols that meet specific requirements regarding space, frequency, manpower, and equipment across a wide variety of industries.

Step one of the Clean Safely platform focuses on the first pillar: deep cleaning. This essential and, unfortunately, often overlooked step ensures that surfaces are free of virus- and bacteria-attracting dirt, dust, and grime. The protocol taps RSC Bio Solution’s own EnviroLogic CSR-2000 Cleaner to handle larger surface areas as well as heavy industrial use. Meanwhile, their popular GUNK brand Biodegradable General Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is more suitable for smaller areas. The product is available in a ready-to-use trigger spray bottle along with Multi-Purpose Wipes for a quick, easy, and effective application.

Protocol moves on to the second pillar, disinfecting the area with Bioesque’s EPA-registered Broad-Spectrum Botanical Disinfectant Solution

Once the surface is clean, the protocol moves on to the second pillar, disinfecting the area with Bioesque’s EPA-registered Broad-Spectrum Botanical Disinfectant Solution. This product stands out in the industry as it doesn’t require a rinse down, even on food contact surfaces. It has a 99.99% sanitation efficacy rate as well as a one-minute kill time for a full range of disease-causing viruses, including Human Coronavirus, along with bacteria, fungi, and molds.

Larry Beaver, Ph.D., and Vice President of Research and Development for the Clean Safely platform says, “Our best defense against another outbreak is shared knowledge, best-in-class products, and the discipline to follow strict industry-appropriate protocol. As technologists with a long history of performance in environmental technology, we are uniquely qualified to curate this holistic platform and enter the space of safe, healthy, and high-performing cleaning and disinfecting solutions.”

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