Manage Fire Restoration Safely With Botanically-Derived Cleaning Supplies

In the aftermath of a fire, business and residential property owners cope with the toxic residues left by smoke, soot, and charring. Most fire restoration scenarios also include significant water and chemical damage from the fire-fighting efforts. Professional property restoration companies strive to return their customers homes and businesses back to pre-loss condition efficiently and safely. The Bioesque® Solutions range of botanically-derived fire restoration cleaning supplies achieve those goals.


The patented Thymox® technology powering Bioesque® Solutions fire restoration cleaning suppliespermits thorough cleaning and disinfection of fire sites with products safe to use around people and pets. Rather than adding to the load of hazardous residues the fire created by cleaning with harsh chemicals that can react in hazardous ways with each other, Bioesque® Solutions work together harmoniously when cleaning up after a home or commercial fire.


Formulating the Bioesque® Solutions line with botanically-derived ingredients does not make for inferior products. Despite being non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-toxic, Bioesque® cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, and deodorizers deliver the results professionals demand when taking on fire restoration projects.


Bioesque® Solutions fire restoration cleaning supplies can be used full strength for the tough soot and smoke damage encountered after a residential or commercial fire. The products are pre-mixed for efficiency, allowing fire restoration crews to get to work immediately in the damaged areas. A speedy response to fire damage is critical as the residues from the smoke are highly acidic and corrosive. Delay in a fire cleanup allows progressive damage to structures and contents, increasing the risk of permanent harm and the expense of the cleanup.


Water damage and the threat of mold are two challenges during a professional fire restoration cleanup. Bioesque® Solutions offers a full spectrum of products appropriate for restoration of water damage and treatment of surfaces at risk of mold growth. Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution, Surface Cleaner and Sealant, and Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser work as a team to remediate water damage and clear away soot and smoke debris.


Lingering smells after restoration leave property owners an unpleasant and distressing memory of the fire and its effects. Bioesque® Botanical Odor Neutralizer is a solution to persistent odors, using the power of nature to remedy the challenge of the many aromas a fire disaster creates.


Thymox® technology gives the Bioesque® Botanical Solutions suite of products the power to restore residential or commercial premises even after a fire disaster. Safe for restoration technicians and their customers during use, these products also perform to the highest restoration industry standards.

Botanically Based Restoration and Remediation Supply Products

When making an informed decision among the restoration and remediation supply products on the market, breaking away from the harsh and often toxic chemical formulations customarily available is appealing. Bioesque® Solutions offer effective cleaning containing botanically derived ingredients for use in a variety of commercial applications, including the restoration and remediation industry.


The inspiration behind the development of the Bioesque® Solutions line of restoration and remediation products was a desire to discover a safer way to clean and disinfect. Each of the Solutions uses Thymox® Technology to achieve the cleaning efficiency found in traditional formulations.


The benefits of aligning your restoration and remediation work with our Thymox® based products are many. Every option is non-toxic and non-corrosive, none requiring signal words, warnings, or personal protective equipment (PPE) for use. Restoration and remediation crews and the clients for whom you perform services enjoy an EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant that also sanitizes, cleans, and deodorizes in one step.


Bioesque® Solutions are effective and safe to use for water damage mitigation, including projects that involve sewage backups. Its bactericidal, virucidal*, tuberculocidal (Mycobacterium bovis), and fungicidal** action matches up with traditional disinfecting agents, yet it is free from chlorine and phosphates, working without bleaching. Learn more about our restoration industry cleaning solutions.


The cleaning products in the range including the Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser, Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant, and Botanical Carpet Cleaner are well-suited to fire, water, and microbial remediation projects. Each cleans its category of materials thoroughly without leaving any residues. Just as with the disinfectants, the cleaners are safe for use without personal protective equipment. They do not corrode, abrade, or contain phosphates or chlorine.


Remediation and restoration projects often require odor elimination and mold inhibition to complete the job and reduce ongoing maintenance. Bioesque® Solutions include a Botanical Odor Neutralizer and Mold Resistant Coating. The Odor Neutralizer employs an advanced enzymatic formula to eliminate odors and stains. The Mold Resistant Coating uses an EPA registered fungicide to inhibit microbial growth.


All of our restoration and remediation products are environmentally friendly, using sustainably derived Thymol. Each product works with the others in a harmonious way, a much desired botanical option for the industry.


*Virucidal according to the ASTM Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Virucidal Agents

** Fungicidal according to the AOAC Germicidal Spray Method

Botanical Disinfectants – The Effective Choice for Cleaning Surfaces

Today’s residential and commercial property owners seek up to date information about leading-edge products used to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. Whether routine cleaning and maintenance or a remediation effort after a water, fire, flood, or microbial disaster, many industries as well as private homes need disinfectant choices that minimize additional harm due to traditional chemical ingredients.


The Environmental Protection Agency rated Thymox® effective as a disinfectant in December 2011, listing it as a registered disinfectant. It kills viruses after one minute of application, and bacteria after two minutes. Molds and other fungi are killed after three minutes of contact.


This data not only compares favorably to the disinfectants with which property owners are most familiar but also offers advantages that can be very appealing to those preferring a naturally-derived option. Although this botanical disinfectant is effective on a broad variety of porous and nonporous commercial and household surfaces, it also is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, and free of hazards requiring and signal words, icons, or warning labels. No personal protective equipment need be worn to apply Bioesque® botanical disinfectant whether, by spray bottle, bucket and mop, or the highly-effective electrostatic spray backpack technology used when treating large spaces and difficult to reach surfaces.


Thymol, a compound found in essential oil of thyme, is the active ingredient in the Thymox® technology featured in the Bioesque® family of botanical disinfectants. Thymol acts by creating instability in the cell membranes of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens that threaten the health and well-being of building occupants. This instability destroys the integrity of the cells, and the cell contents release and disperse, rendering them incapable of harming humans or organic surfaces.


Bioesque® botanical disinfectants also use plant-derived wetting agents and surfactants to loosen contaminants, allowing easy physical removal of debris and residues. This active ingredient delivery system is well-matched to the challenges of disinfection and cleaning presented in both residential and commercial setting. No volatile organic compounds vaporize during the use of Bioesque® botanical disinfectants, eliminating the risk of eye or respiratory irritation during use. A light, clean scent is all that lingers.


The botanical disinfectants available from Bioesque® are a reliable option when restoration and remediation projects need effective antimicrobial action, and minimization of harmful effects and health hazards is desired. These innovative products deliver a one-step cleaning and registered disinfectant solution without the hazards associated with potentially toxic chemicals and chemical mixtures found in other products.

Effective Biologically-Based Bioesque® Solutions Remediation Cleaners

Home and business owners face a dilemma when spaces within their properties experience water, fire, storm, or mold damage. A fast and intense response is necessary to halt the progressive harm these disasters can do to structures. Restoration experts rely on professional cleaners to help them speed through the process without sacrificing quality and thoroughness.


Many traditional remediation cleaners contain harsh chemicals that require stringent personal protection protocols, often causing inconvenient and lengthy evacuation of treated spaces. Concerns arise about the safety of using these cleaners, even those tested and approved by regulators for commercial applications. When different treatments are employed together during a remediation effort, property owner and technician worries about producing harmful effects increase.


Bioesque® Solutions are an integrated system of biologically-derived remediation cleaning products that provide efficacious results without the fear of complicating recovery efforts by adverse chemical outcomes. Bioesque® developed herbally-based Thymox® as an alternative to the hazards posed to humans and pets by conventional cleaners and disinfectants.


Bioesque® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser provides the deep cleaning remediation projects need for water, smoke, and soot residues, dirt, grease, grime, and microbial colonies. Its wetting agents and surfactants loosen and help dislodge even tenacious coatings, without the risk of volatile or flammable gases or the necessity of personal protective gear. Carpets have a specialized Bioesque® formula for remediation, the Botanical Carpet Cleaner. Usable in steamers and extractors, the Thymox® enriched solution is tough on soot, dirt and organic soils, and removes common stains like coffee and other foods and beverages. Pet waste and other difficult debris clean up effectively, and the product is quick-drying and leaves no residues.


Once thorough cleaning of all surfaces completes, Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant sanitizes the remaining areas. This phase of the remediation cleaner cycle applies with a rag, brush, mop, or, for large and hard to reach spaces, an electrostatic backpack sprayer. Routine maintenance after the remediation accomplishes efficiently with Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant.


Any odors lingering after the other remediation cleaners finish their tasks can be eliminated with the advanced enzymatic formula of Bioesque® Botanical Odor Neutralizer. A property damaged by water, fire, or mold growth often holds on to unpleasant smells, undermining the total effect of the most professional remediation. Using the odor neutralizing power in the Bioesque® formula eliminates the stench rather than covering it up with synthetic air fresheners.


The Bioesque® remediation cleaners lineup against traditional products and deliver a clean, fresh, and disinfected result with environmentally friendly ingredients. Thymox technology effectively returns premises damaged by a broad range of natural, accidental, and even intentional catastrophes back to pre-loss condition.

Botanical Disinfectants are Appropriate and Effective for Use Across Many Industries

Workplaces, residences, and a broad range of industries face demanding and continuously changing needs for safe and effective disinfectants. Bioesque® Solutions offer the alternative of naturally occurring botanically-based disinfectants to commercial customers. Industries that use botanical disinfectants from the Bioesque® line include restaurants, hotels and hospitality locations, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, athletic and sports venues, various means of transportation, schools, correctional facilities, and offices, among others.


Service industries rely on the ability of Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant to kill remaining pathogens within three minutes. Bioesque® Solutions disinfectants are EPA registered. Janitorial and restoration companies use the Botanical Disinfectant Solution to disinfect, sanitize, clean and deodorize contaminated surfaces in one step.


When a restoration company needs a broad-spectrum, EPA registered disinfectant, Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution is a natural answer for many cleaning and disinfecting tasks. It is safe and effective to use on projects involving sewage backup, flooding, and other water damage loses. The botanically-derived active ingredient is a bactericidal, virucidal*, tuberculocidal, and fungicidal* agent.


Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution contains no phosphates or chlorine and cleans and disinfects without bleaching or abrading the surfaces treated. It kills bacteria that causes odors, leaving behind a pleasant lemongrass and grapefruit scent. It has the power to clean and disinfect areas contaminated by many different pathogens without the use of harsh chemicals.


Many industries today prefer to avoid hazardous ingredients both during routine cleaning and when responding to emergency water, fire, and other disaster scenarios. Environmentally sensitive commercial settings seek cleaning solutions that are professional grade and also kill, destroy, and eliminate germs found on surfaces within their sites without the use of toxic ingredients. Bioesque® Solutions can meet that need.


The components of conventional chemical disinfectants are individually tested and approved for use in commercial settings, but when used together can create harmful effects. Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution is designed to work with other products in the Bioesque® Solutions line to clean and disinfect harmoniously, employing biologically derived ingredients instead of harsh, toxic formulations.


*See our label for a full list of pathogens

Bioesque Solutions Supports the American Red Cross Hurricane Michael Relief Fund

October 18, 2018 ( –

Bioesque Solutions, a pioneer in the development and distribution of botanically based disinfectant and cleaning products, announced today that they will support American Red Cross Hurricane relief efforts. Beginning today through Dec. 31, 2018 Bioesque Solutions will donate one dollar for every gallon sold of their Botanical Disinfectant to the American Red Cross Hurricane Michael Relief Fund. We understand the need to help support relief and recovery efforts after the devastation left behind. To donate online visit

Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution is registered with the EPA as a broad-spectrum disinfectant. Restoration professionals responding to the flood and water damage can apply the product easily (without shaking or mixing), permitting the restoration process to move from assessment to implementation of a recovery plan quickly. Hurricane Michael left a large path of destruction in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, resulting in thousands of people living in dismal conditions. The American Red Cross is providing safe shelter, food, water and comfort. 

Bioesque Solutions offers a family of non-corrosive products for antimicrobial cleaning. Utilizing Thymox Technology, a botanical formula with strong antimicrobial and cleaning efficacy, as the key component, Bioesque products provide the benefits of nature to address the demanding and ever-changing needs of commercial customers across various industries, including, health care, food service, janitorial and restoration. #HurricaneMichael

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Using Bioesque® Solutions Flood Cleanup Supplies

When heavy rains or rising rivers and streams overflow, home and business owners can find their foundation, basement, or crawlspace full of floodwaters. Bioesque® Solutions flood cleanup supplies offer a non-toxic choice when cleaning up after a flood as part of our restoration cleaning supplies. Our botanically-derived range of cleaners and EPA registered disinfectants delivers effective results when flooding threatens to expose your property to harmful contamination.


Use Bioesque® as Part of Your Flood Cleaning Supplies



Flood waters often contain contaminants, including the risk of sewage backup if municipal stormwater systems are overwhelmed. Restorers cleaning up after a flood also contend with pathogen-carrying debris like dead animals, molds, mildews, and other organisms that characterize the waters trapped inside a property as black or highly tainted.


Flood Cleanup SuppliesAfter removal, containment, and proper disposal of the contaminated flood water, BIOESQUE® Botanical Disinfectant Solution is the next step in restoring flooded surfaces. Large spaces benefit from an electrostatic application of this unique disinfectant, using the efficient Victory Innovations backpack system. The active botanical ingredient adheres for the required time to kill the viruses, bacteria, and fungi listed on the label, even on vertical surfaces. BIOESQUE® Botanical Disinfectant Solution as part of your flood cleanup supplies can also be sprayed by hand into tight spaces and used on floors with a bucket and mop.


Areas of the property with heavy soiling or coatings of hazardous residues respond well to the concentrated strength of Bioesque® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser. This Bioesque® cleaner contains naturally-derived wetting agents and surfactants that break down and loosen tenacious coatings. If mold or mildew stains are present, the Heavy Duty Cleaner helps minimize their appearance.


Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant as part of your flood cleanup supplies offers another opportunity to perform cleaning, disinfecting, and odor control in one step. It also leaves behind a tough barrier that resists further soiling. Carpets and fabrics damaged by flood waters benefit from treatment with Bioesque® Botanical Carpet Cleaner. The formulation can be used as a pretreatment and then applied via a commercial steamer or extractor to lift out soiling.


An essential flood cleanup task is deodorization. Bioesque® Botanical Odor Neutralizer effectively eliminates the smells that linger even after removal of flood waters and initial disinfection. It uses the Bioesque® botanical ingredients plus an enzymatic process to eliminate odors without coverups or masking agents.


Bioesque® Solutions meet or exceed the results of traditional flood cleanup products. Choose instead to clean, disinfect, and neutralize odor when cleaning up after a flood with these botanically-based products. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable, the Bioesque® range is effective and harmonious with nature.

Rely Upon The Power Of Bioesque® Solutions Thymox Technology When Choosing Fire Restoration Cleaning

When a fire breaks out in a home or commercial space extinguishing the flames is only the first of many steps necessary to restore the space back to pre-loss condition. The charring, smoke, and soot remaining in the fire’s aftermath pose significant cleanup challenges. Conquer the challenge with highly effective yet gentle fire restoration cleaning supplies developed by Bioesque® Solutions.


The Bioesque® Solutions line approaches tough post-fire cleaning tasks with the power of Thymox Technology. Rather than employing harsh chemicals that further diminish air quality compromised by the acrid smoke of the fire, Bioesque® formulations instead use botanically derived ingredients that deliver superior cleaning performance. All the fire restoration supplies in the range are non-flammable, non-corrosive, and completely biodegradable.


Smoke contains incompletely combusted materials deposited as soot during and after a fire. Depending on the type of materials burned, soot exhibits different characteristics. When food, grease, and plastics are the fuel during a fire, they produce sticky soot that clings tenaciously to surfaces. Bioesque® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser contains botanically-derived wetting agents and surfactants that break up the bonds holding the sooty residue, permitting it to be cleaned away. It can be used full strength on thick, resistant coatings or diluted when the sooty soiling is lighter or the surfaces more fragile or delicate.


Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant is another powerful tool for fire restoration projects. It requires no dilution or other preparation, ready to spray, fog, or apply electrostatically so restoration proceeds quickly even where large areas need cleaning. As it cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes, it also leaves behind a protective barrier. The fire restoration process can stir up loose debris no matter how carefully a crew works. Testing shows that surfaces treated with Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant repel dirt, dust, and other debris for up to 14 days, preserving the cleaning already completed as fire restoration continues.


Fire restoration of areas with rugs and wall to wall carpeting is made more effective with Bioesque® Botanical Carpet Cleaner. The product’s deep cleaning formula lifts and loosens the soiling caused by smoke and soot. Compatible with steam cleaners and professional extractors, this Bioesque® Solution also deodorizes while leaving no residue.


The lingering smell of smoke and damaged materials prevents fire restoration efforts from completely returning a property to pre-loss condition. Bioesque® Botanical Odor Neutralizer uses no coverups or perfumes to eliminate odors. After the other Bioesque® fire restoration supplies remove the toxic residues from the smoke and soot, it is particularly essential that deodorization does not reintroduce harmful chemicals to the environment. Thymol, a component of natural thyme oil, powers a complete clean that reduces smells while an innovative enzymatic formula works to neutralize odors at the molecular level.


Replace harmful chemicals that need personal protective equipment to apply and produce volatile compounds and damage surfaces during use with sustainable botanically derived alternatives. Make Bioesque® Solutions your standard for fire restoration supplies.

Botanically-Derived Restoration Industry Cleaners

Leaders in the property restoration industry always seek cleaning product innovations to achieve their mission of returning client’s premises to pre-loss condition. In particular, there is an impetus to provide highest-quality cleaning and disinfection with products developed from naturally occurring substances. Bioesque® Solutions offers a line of restoration cleaners that specialize in bringing the benefits of nature to the restoration industry.


Bioesque® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser lends the power of our Thymox® technology to challenging cleaning projects. Organic soils and staining, including moldy residues, respond to the strength of this Bioesque®Solution. The cleanser contains a blend of wetting agents and surfactants that penetrates even ground in and tenacious soils, oils, greases, and residues, loosening difficult debris, so it removes more easily.


Our Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser is a match for fire and soot damage, some of the toughest kinds of residues a restoration company encounters. Use it full strength or diluted for less onerous soils, dirt, and staining. It accomplishes its cleaning goals without harsh chemicals, warning labels, or harm to the environment.


For hard surfaces, Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant cleans well and safely. It also leaves a protective barrier on the surfaces treated, inhibiting grime, dirt, dust, and other soiling issues into the future. A one-step approach that cleans and protects with the power of Thymox® technology, studies show that its protective action lasts for more than 14 days. It also acts as a deodorizer without synthetic fragrances, bleach, phosphates, or heavy metals. Non-corrosive, non-flammable, and nontoxic, it cleans to the standards of professional restoration companies. Use as is with a sponge or cloth, or spray, fog, or apply electrostatically, at your convenience.


When carpeting takes a beating during a disaster, Bioesque® Botanical Carpet Cleaner is ready to deep clean even stubborn stains and also deodorize. Restoration efforts require that expensive fixtures such as carpeting and upholstery receive specialized treatment to avoid the need for rip-out and replacement. This carpet cleaner can be used in steam cleaners and extraction machines when diluted, making it a useful and economical tool in the restoration industry arsenal. It achieves its results without toxic or harsh ingredients, using the same Thymox ®technology as the other Bioesque® Solutions. No residues remain after cleaning, and the product leaves a pleasant lemon and mint scent behind.


The Bioesque® Solutions restoration industry cleansers are effective, safe, and gentle on the environment. No restoration effort falls short of its mission when these products are featured.

Power Through Hurricane Restoration With Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution

Hurricane Florence cut a broad swath of destruction in the southeastern United States, with monumental flooding continuing long after the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm. Rivers in the affected areas crested far above even historical flood stages. The Cape Fear River near Wilmington has reached an almost inconceivable crest of 62 feet. In one week over 37 fatalities have been recorded and countless structures inundated by the contaminated flood waters and storm surges.

Residential, industrial, and commercial losses are devastating, and individuals and businesses in the storm-stricken areas rely on the cutting-edge equipment and products of leading restoration companies to manage the vast amounts of Category 3 water filling their properties and damaging their structures. Consider that over 1.7 million chickens have been lost from the storm along with hundreds of pig farms discharging thousands of pig carcasses and “pig excrement.” What product can safely grapple with this horrific contamination? Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution is a fast acting and effective Bactericidal, Virucidal*, Tuberculocidal, and Fungicidal** answer to the dangers of the contaminated, black water saturating the building materials of homes and commercial properties. Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution is the answer. When the water recedes and structures are reclaimed restoring them to safe, sanitized, and wholesome conditions is within the scope of Bioeque Products.

Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution is registered with the EPA as a broad spectrum disinfectant. It is the fastest acting botanically derived disinfectant on the market. Restoration professionals can apply the product without shaking or mixing, permitting the restoration process to move from assessment to implementation of a recovery plan quickly. Restorers apply the Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution in the most straightforward way for each project, using it with rags and mops right out of the container, or with bottles or broadcast spraying equipment to cover larger areas. The simplicity of the application reduces the complex obstacles faced by restoration professionals.

The Botanical Disinfectant Solution cleans and disinfects all surfaces, including porous materials. Residences and all industries including animal husbandry, but not limited to food service, healthcare, offices, schools, hospitality venues, public and private transportation, commercial, and industrial sites, sports and athletic centers, and correctional facilities benefit from the use of Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution during hurricane restoration tasks. Safe for use in hospitals, safe for use in homes and farming environments.

Patented Thymox technology and a botanically derived active ingredient make Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution safe to use on all surfaces and around humans and animals. Its safety does not impede its germ-killing efficiency, with impressively short kill times for the following pathogens:

Sanitizing 99.99 percent Staph/Enterobacter aerogenes in thirty seconds
Kills 99.99 percent of viruses including Swine influenza in one minute
Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria in two minutes.
Kills 99.99 percent of fungi and molds in three minutes.
Kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis in three minutes.

The shorter dwell times indicated to eliminate the noted pathogens supports leading restoration companies’ preference for Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution as a first-line disinfectant. With the already super-saturated environments resulting from Hurricane Florence, and other natural disaster events, a simple application of a product that requires no dissolving or fear of breakdown, is the sanitizing product of choice by professional restoration companies. Restoration of contaminated water damage catastrophes like hurricanes and other significant storms is faster, requires less labor, and is fully effective and cost-efficient when Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution is the product of choice.

*Virucidal according to the ASTM Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Virucidal Agents
** Fungicidal according to the AOAC Germicidal Spray Method

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