Using Bioesque® Solutions Botanical Options When Cleaning Up After a Flood

When heavy rains or rising rivers and streams overflow, home and business owners can find their foundation, basement, or crawlspace full of floodwaters. Bioesque® Solutions offers a non-toxic choice when cleaning up after a flood. Our botanically-derived range of cleaners and EPA registered disinfectants delivers effective results when flooding threatens to expose your property to harmful contamination.  
Flood waters often contain contaminants, including the risk of sewage backup if municipal stormwater systems are overwhelmed. Restorers cleaning up after a flood also contend with pathogen-carrying debris like dead animals, molds, mildews, and other organisms that characterize the waters trapped inside a property as black or highly tainted.  
After removal, containment, and proper disposal of the contaminated flood water, BIOESQUE® Botanical Disinfectant Solution is the next step in restoring flooded surfaces. Large spaces benefit from an electrostatic application of this unique disinfectant, using the efficient Victory Innovations backpack system. The active botanical ingredient adheres for the required time to kill the viruses, bacteria, and fungi listed on the label, even on vertical surfaces. BIOESQUE® Botanical Disinfectant Solution can also be sprayed by hand into tight spaces and used on floors with a bucket and mop.  
Areas of the property with heavy soiling or coatings of hazardous residues respond well to the concentrated strength of Bioesque® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser. This Bioesque® cleaner contains naturally-derived wetting agents and surfactants that break down and loosen tenacious coatings. If mold or mildew stains are present, the Heavy Duty Cleaner helps minimize their appearance.  
Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant offers another opportunity to perform cleaning, disinfecting, and odor control in one step. It also leaves behind a tough barrier that resists further soiling. Carpets and fabrics damaged by flood waters benefit from treatment with Bioesque® Botanical Carpet Cleaner. The formulation can be used as a pretreatment and then applied via a commercial steamer or extractor to lift out soiling.  
An essential flood cleanup task is deodorization. Bioesque® Botanical Odor Neutralizer effectively eliminates the smells that linger even after removal of flood waters and initial disinfection. It uses the Bioesque® botanical ingredients plus an enzymatic process to eliminate odors without coverups or masking agents.  
Bioesque® Solutions meet or exceed the results of traditional flood cleanup products. Choose instead to clean, disinfect, and neutralize odor when cleaning up after a flood with these botanically-based products. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable, the Bioesque® range is effective and harmonious with nature.

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