Why Choose Plant Derived Restoration and Remediation Supply Products

Disaster recovery companies often find businesses and individuals relying on their services ask for the use of non-toxic cleaning and disinfectant product options during a mitigation project. Concerns about hazardous fumes, corrosive effects on surfaces, and dangerous chemicals like chlorine and phosphates encourage customers to demand a safer cleaning and sanitizing system.


Bioesque® Solutions restoration and remediation supply products use Thymox® technology to deliver cleaning and disinfecting results that meet the disaster recovery industry’s needs. Appropriate when employed across a broad range of commercial and residential settings, Bioesque® offers a natural approach to the challenges of fire, water, mold, and other damage poses to disaster abatement scenarios.


Employing botanically derived active ingredients in the formulation of high-quality and effective cleaners and disinfectants permits the use of Bioesque® Solutions in environments where people and pets currently work or reside. Each of the products is pre-mixed and ready to use. No rinsing or wiping is necessary allowing disaster recovery crews to move swiftly through spaces affected by water, fire, mold, or other devastation.


Restoration and remediation supply alternatives using environmentally friendly ingredients still must resolve the disastrous conditions as well or better than conventional measures. Avoiding the harshness and toxicity of traditional products is a great goal, but not if the area cleaned and treated is not up to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.


The integrated suite of Bioesque® Solutions achieved the distinction of EPA registration, demonstrating effective kill rates for bacteria, viruses*, tuberculosis, and fungi**. Thymol, the active ingredient in all Bioesque® disinfectants, derives from thyme oil and is well-suited to environmentally sensitive scenarios. The broad-spectrum disinfectant action supported by the Thymox® technology underlies the basis for the EPA registration, making each of these products suitable and effective for water, fire, and other mitigation jobs.


Look no further than Bioesque® Solutions when searching for products that are tough on grime and kill pathogens without exposing individuals to the hazards of dangerous chemicals and toxic ingredient mixtures. The Bioteaque® restoration and remediation supply line works harmoniously to clean and disinfect after a variety of either commercial or residential disasters.

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