Water Damage

Water Damage: The Short and Long-Term Effects

Disaster for a Homeowner

A flooded house is one of the most disastrous events a homeowner can experience. Whether it’s the result of leaking plumbing or a severe storm, flooding inside the home must be addressed immediately and correctly to mitigate cost, salvage as many belongings as possible, and protect your health.

Damage to Valuables

Even a minor flood can ruin electrical appliances and wooden furniture. In the event of water damage, you’ll most likely have to get rid of a number of valuables. However, before you start throwing things away, it’s best to immediately call a water damage restoration team to see what can be salvaged and what can’t.

A Threat to Health

Leaking plumbing can mean wastewater while storm water can drag in chemical runoff. Either way, standing water in the home is unsanitary and can cause illness. The best course of action is to vacate the house immediately and call properly trained and protected professionals to handle the flood.

Lingering Unpleasant Smells

The disgusting odor that accompanies floods can linger much longer than the water itself. The entire home needs a thorough cleaning with professional-grade odor neutralizers to kill the smell at the source.

Damage to Electrical Wiring

Water damage is a killer for electrical lines. Shorts, fires, and even electrocution are all very real risks in the event of a flood. Water damage professionals can clear out the floodwater safely but it’s essential to hire an electrician as well to thoroughly check your wiring and perform any necessary repairs.

Mold Outbreaks

Mold spores love humid conditions, so a flood almost guarantees that you’ll be dealing with mold contamination along with water damage. Worse yet, contamination can be very difficult to spot in the early stages and if left untreated can become severe very quickly. A good water damage restoration team will also include mold remediation professionals to inspect every area of your home, ensuring your family’s safety.

Leave It to Professionals

This article should have given you a bit of an idea of the size and scope of serious water damage. Floods are an instance where the DIY approach just isn’t going to cut it. Your best bet is to call in a team of properly trained and equipped experts to salvage as many of your belongings as possible, ensure the health of your family, and keep costs to a minimum.

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