Industrial Housekeeping

The Importance of Proper Industrial Housekeeping

Messy work environments can severely hinder productivity. Employees are uncomfortable, materials are disorganized, and efficiency suffers. And in an industrial environment like a factory or warehouse, the importance of cleanliness goes beyond productivity and efficiency. A messy industrial facility is a dangerous one. The fast pace of these environments, though, can make housekeeping difficult. Workers are often rushing all day to meet shipments or keep the line running, and as a result, cleanliness can get pushed to the back burner. If a factory or warehouse is going to stay both productive and safe, it needs to have a plan in place to implement some best practices for housekeeping.

Effective Cleaning Programs Reduce Cost

The equipment on your production floor is specialized and expensive. Just as it’s important for operators to clean their machines at least once per shift, it’s imperative that the areas around these cells stay as spotless as possible. Dirt, dust, and other debris make their way into conveyor systems, motors, and bearings and burn them out. Keeping areas around these machines clean will help keep down maintenance costs and keep your line running.

Good Housekeeping is Essential to Safety

A clean facility is a safe facility. If you have a dedicated safety team, they should work closely, or even be a part of your housekeeping team. For example, oil spills are both a matter of cleanliness and a safety hazard. Another instance is that a disorganized or cluttered staging area causes visibility issues for forklifts as well as efficiency problems. A safety and housekeeping team can create a system that is clean, safe, and productive. Additionally, you may want to consider switching to green cleaning products. These products are free from the harsh chemicals of traditional cleaners and can improve facility air quality.

Remember the Five S’s

Borrowed from the Japanese, these are “sorting,” “set in order,” “shine or sweep,” “standardizing,” and “sustaining.” Adhering to these principles will make cleanliness and organization part of your daily functional process. It’s a way to get all employees on the same page and ensure a safe, productive facility.

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