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Common Cleaning Pitfalls

Common Cleaning Pitfalls for Property Managers

Be Upfront with Your Tenants and Avoid These Common Cleaning Pitfalls

It’s usually the tenants’ responsibility to give the unit a thorough cleaning when they move out. However, most of their attention is focused on moving their belongings, so this can sometimes fall by the wayside. Another instance is when residents spend time cleaning but don’t get a deposit back because the property manager wasn’t clear about their expectations. These headaches can be avoided by being upfront with tenants about their responsibilities upon moving out. Offer them a checklist detailing everything you expect of them to make the transition as smooth as possible. The following is a list of common cleaning pitfalls for property managers. Use it to help compile your move-out checklist as well as a cleaning guide before showing a unit to potential residents.

Stay on Top of the Property’s Condition with Pictures

Make sure to do a complete walkthrough of the property before a new tenant moves in and document everything with pictures. This protects both you and the new tenant. The photos can easily solve any disputes that may arise later and provide you with a bigger picture of how the property is trending.

Don’t Forget the Windows

These are often a problem area with tenants moving out. Additionally, prospective residents often check here when moving into a place to get an idea of overall cleanliness. It’s a detail you don’t want to miss. Be sure to check the windowsill for dead bugs and dust and make sure the windows are spotless.

Remember the Baseboards

Another problem spot. Dirt and dust just seem to gravitate to these so be sure to check them and give them a good wipedown before new residents tour the unit. It can make a world of difference.

Clean the Oven

The kitchen is one of the first places potential tenants will check during the walkthrough and opening up the oven to find grease and burnt food can ruin the deal. Buy some oven cleaner and make sure the oven looks brand new.

Check and Double-Check for Mold

Mold can endanger the health of residents and bring up litigation issues for property managers. When you’re doing your walk-through, be on the lookout for mold, especially in bathrooms. If you do find a small outbreak, clean the area with a good disinfectant. Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution kills 99.9% of mold after just three minutes. You may also want to consider treating problem areas with Mold Resistant Coating.

Take Care of the Carpets

Carpets should be shampooed at the very least. Bioesque Carpet Cleaners feature an eco-friendly deep cleaning formula that effectively removes tough spots and stains while simultaneously deodorizing.

Clean and Disinfect Bathrooms and Kitchens

These areas are the benchmarks upon which the cleanliness of your unit will be judged. Make sure they’re spotless and sanitized. Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution is an all-purpose ready-to-use cleaner that’s capable of cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing in just one step.

Make the Appliances Shine

While you’re in the kitchen, take an extra moment to make the appliances look brand new. The Bioesque Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish easily eliminates fingerprints, streaks and smudges with our non-abrasive, non-toxic and biodegradable formula.

A Safer Way to Clean

Cleaning chemicals like bleach, chlorine, and ammonia are very effective, but come with an added cost: they’re harsh, toxic, and terrible for the environment. Bioesque Solutions was founded on the principle that there must be a safer way to clean without sacrificing the power of these chemicals. With a formula that is free of bleach and other harsh chemicals, Bioesque’s full range of cleaning products is a great choice for hazard-conscious or environmentally sensitive settings.

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