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Some Tips for a Cleaner, More Productive Warehouse

Cleaner, Safer, and More Productive

If you want to learn a warehouse’s effectiveness at a glance, just take a look at how clean it is. Beyond being merely better organized, clean warehouses are safer and more productive. Some of the benefits to safety should be pretty obvious. For example, if a forklift leaks oil and no one cleans up the puddles, it creates a serious slip hazard. Similarly, piles of disorganized pallets or packing debris can limit visibility and increase the likelihood of an accident.

However, the benefits of a cleaner warehouse go deeper than that. A disorganized workspace leads to disorganized workers. Dirt or grime caked up all over racks sends a message to your employees that you’re not worried about the details. And if you’re not worried about them, they’re not going to worry about them, either. On the other hand, a clean, pleasant place to work with a place for everything and everything in its place will tell your team that you take pride in your organization from top to bottom. Here are a few tips for a cleaner warehouse to keep your employees healthy and productive.

Have a Plan and Set Goals

The sheer size of some facilities can be a little overwhelming. Furthermore, trying to do it all at once will compound the problem. Instead, devise a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule. Some tasks should be done daily or once per shift. For example, floors can be done once per shift and during that task, leaks, damage, and other outstanding issues can be spotted and addressed immediately. On the other hand, racks could probably be wiped down once a month. Create a calendar or a checklist to make sure everything is being handled according to schedule.

Get Your Employees Involved

Assign areas of the facility to each employee and make it their responsibility to take care of it before they finish their shift. This is an easy way to make sure floors stay clean, trash cans get emptied regularly, and materials stay organized.

Invest in Quality Supplies and Make Them Readily Available

If your workers have to walk all the way to the other side of the facility to get a broom or to find a trash can, they become far less likely to do those things. Keep trash cans near everyone’s work areas and have several broom closets. You may also want to consider investing in green cleaning supplies. Traditional cleaners like ammonia and bleach are full of harsh chemicals and result in lower air quality in your facility. They often also require extra personal protective equipment. Green cleaners like Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution are botanically derived, making them a good choice for environmentally conscious organizations.

Stay Consistent and Committed

Clean warehouses are the result of committed leadership with a clear and consistent vision. Devising a plan, letting everyone know their roles, and creating goals to work toward will ensure your facility stays clean and organized. As a result, your employees will be healthier and more productive.

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