Remediation Cleaning Products With The Power of Thymox® Technology

Professionals who work in the property remediation industry are always on the lookout for innovations in cleaning, restoration, disinfection, and deodorization products. Each of the offerings in the Bioesque® Solutions line of remediation and cleaning products is botanically-based. Instead of harsh and potentially toxic chemicals, Bioesque® uses Thymol, present as a component of thyme oil, as the active ingredient in its disinfectants and its proprietary Thymox® technology in all products.


Whether employed in response to a water, fire, mold, or combined emergency, Bioesque® Solutions assists step by step with the remediation process. Bioesque® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser loosens even stubbornly set-in debris. It is effective on grease, oil, and soot. Organic soiling, including dirt, grime, soap scum, and any other build up, breaks down for easier wipe off. Used prior other Bioesque® products, the Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser clears surfaces for thorough disinfection and deodorization.


Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution can be used in almost every environment, a one-stop answer to the viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold, and even mycobacterium tuberculosis that can follow a water, fire, or mold event. As an EPA registered disinfectant, it is rated to kill 99.9 percent of the listed hazards within one to three minutes, depending on the contaminant. The solution can be mopped, bottle-sprayed, or dispensed via the advanced VP300ES Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer for comprehensive coverage of even difficult to reach surfaces.


Specialized members of the Bioesque® line assist trained remediation technicians faced with soiled carpets and glass and other solid surfaces. The Botanical Carpet Cleaner and Glass & Surface Cleaner work harmoniously with the other products to return all spaces, surfaces, and content to pre-loss condition. For use in steam and extractor machines, the Botanical Carpet Cleaner deep cleans stains, including contaminants such as vomit, urine, and feces, without leaving a residue. The Glass & Surface Cleaner brings back water, fire, and mold damaged surfaces to their smooth, shiny, and reflective condition.


Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant follows deep cleaning and disinfection with a comprehensive daily cleaning and maintenance option. This product also lays down a barrier of long-lasting protection that helps shed dirt, debris, and odor continuously.


After cleaning and disinfection, odors can linger. Remediation using this suite of products is not complete until Bioesque® Botanical Odor Neutralizer does its work. A pairing of enzymatic and Thymox technology eliminates both persistent staining and odors.


Every Bioesque® Botanical Solution delivers its benefits without dangerous chemicals. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable, the botanical-based range of remediation cleaning products are proven effective without synthetic dyes or fragrances. A fresh, natural lemongrass and grapefruit scent is a reminder of the hard work done by these innovative disaster abatement products.


*See our label for a full list of pathogens.

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