Heavy Cut Polish Compound


  • Ultra-fast cutting removes grit or finer sanding marks
  • Removes oxidation and leaves minor scratches and swirling
  • Restores marred or oxidized finishes
  • Can be used in direct sunlight
  • Minimal Dust compared to competition
  • Can replace having to wet sand in most situations
  • Will not leave behind excessive amounts of scratches, swirls, & halos compared to other heavy cut compounds
  • Best results used with rotary and white wool heavy pad
  • No added silicones for easy application

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Fast aggressive 800-1200 cut compound easily removes sanding, scratches, blemishes, and heavy oxidation. Minimal dusting, water soluble formula cleans up easy. Leaves a smooth, clean surface, ready for light compounding or machine glazing.

  • 16 OZ
  • 1 Gallon

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