Carpet Cleaner


  • Deep cleaning formula for spots and stains
  • Formulated to remove dirt and organic soiling
  • Removes coffee stains out of carpet and fabric
  • Cleaning pet stains such as vomit, urine and feces from carpet and fabric
  • Cleans and Deodorizes
  • Refreshing Lemon-Mint Fragrance
  • Does not leave any residue
  • Quick Drying
  • Concentrated formula makes up to 35 Gal.
  • For use with steam and extractor machines

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Bioesque® Carpet Cleaner solution is eco-friendly and its deep cleaning formula effectively removes tough spots and stains while simultaneously deodorizing. It is quick drying and leaves no film or residue on carpets, area rugs or fabric. Formulated for use with carpet cleaning machines, steam cleaners, extractor machines, and professional vacuum cleaners; each concentrated 1-gallon jug of Bioesque® Carpet Cleaner makes up to 35 gallons of carpet cleaning solution. Anything that can end up on the bottom of a shoe can be tracked onto the carpet. The possibilities are as endless as they are unpleasant to contemplate, and the sheer number of potential contaminants can make carpet cleaning a real challenge. That is why flood clean-up restoration and cleaning professionals charged with delivering clean carpets and upholstery reach for Bioesque’s Carpet Cleaning solution as part of their restoration supplies. Use in Living rooms, Check out all Bioesque’s cleaning products.

  • 1 Gallon

A deep clean is a must. Endangering your health or the environment is not. Bioesque’s Carpet Cleaner utilizes effective ingredients to eradicate tough stains and odors from carpeted and upholstered surfaces. This professional-grade product:

Cleans and deodorizes carpets and fabrics without toxic or harsh chemicals.
Can be used as a pretreatment, sprayed on carpets or used in carpet cleaning machines.
Is safe to use in steam and extractor machines.
Delivers deep cleaning action courtesy of our proprietary formula.

Are coffee stains a problem? Is ground-in dirt making your carpet look dingy? Have pets left proof of their presence in urine, feces, or vomit? Bioesque’s Carpet Cleaner supplies powers through organic soiling and grime with ease, leaving behind clean surfaces and a pleasant, fresh scent. Plus, a little of this potent cleaner goes a long way. Each one-gallon container of this highly concentrated formula can make up to 35 gallons of carpet cleaning solution, just add clean water.

With its deep-cleaning drive and nontoxic nature, Bioesque’s Carpet Cleaner for the restoration industry is a smart choice for virtually any setting, including flood clean-up. Whether carpet and upholstery are furnishing health care settings, schools, daycares, residential spaces, public buildings, airports, automotive shops, retail establishments or athletic facilities, this potent cleaner can keep them looking their best.
Drying time is quick without leaving behind any residue.
Features a pleasant lemon-mint scent leaving rooms smelling fresh.
Is highly concentrated.

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