Five Common Myths About Property Restoration - man using a carpet cleaner

Five Common Myths About Property Restoration

The Truth About Five Common Property Restoration Myths

There are a number of misunderstandings, illusions, and fallacies regarding the restoration and relief of property damage. While some of these ideas might have carried some weight back in the dark ages, technological advances have allowed property restoration companies to move past them and chart the proper course of action to mitigate the damages. Property owners need to be able to follow suit, move past the myths, and act quickly, or they may end up with more damage that could have been easily avoidable. Here are the truths behind five common myths about property restoration.

Myth: Restoration is More Expensive Than Replacing Outright

The Facts: In the majority of cases, cleaning, salvaging, and restoring the contents and structure is less expensive than replacing them. Of course, this isn’t always the case and replacement might be the only course of action in some instances. However, a good restoration company prioritizes mitigation to stop further damage and will clean and remove contaminates to avoid high replacement costs.

Myth: Cleaned Carpets Get Dirty Quicker

Old carpet shampooing processes left residue that attracted dirt, making clean carpets magnets for filth. However, modern carpet cleaning solutions are residue-free and will prevent the dirt-magnet effect.

Myth: When Your Carpets Are Dry, Your Home is Dry

Not remotely true. Carpet dry much more quickly than structural materials like cement floors or walls. A professional restoration company uses sensors and meters to make sure your structure is completely dry. This is an important step as an incomplete drying process will turn a water damage problem into a mold problem.

Myth: Smoke Odor is Impossible to Get Rid of so Quick Cleaning is Unnecessary

Smoke particles are acidic and will permanently damage your valuables if it’s not promptly cleaned. All contaminated areas in a fire damage restoration job need to be cleaned, deodorized, and sealed where possible.

Myth: It’s Cheaper to Handle Restoration Yourself

Sometimes, this is true. However, you have to be extremely careful and have a good knowledge of what you’re working with. A good restoration company can save you a lot in extra expenses in the event of a bungled job. And whether you’re calling in the experts or doing it yourself, be sure that the team has the very best supplies for the job.

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