Effective and Safe Restoration and Remediation Supply Products

Restoration and remediation companies are open to finding products that deliver EPA registered disinfectant strength yet are safe enough to use around both people and pets. Commercial and residential customers express concerns about the harsh and toxic chemicals traditionally used as restoration and remediation supply mainstays. Botanical-based alternatives sound like an answer, but the products must deliver results that equal or exceed the performance of more conventional cleaners and treatments.

Bioesque® Solutions are an option more and more remediation, and restoration companies investigate. The integrated suite of disinfectants, cleaners, and specialty products use Thymox® Technology to power the formulations. A derivative of thyme oil, Thymox® offers a disinfectant action effective enough to be registered by the EPA. Each of the products in the line works with the other harmoniously, never creating a dangerous mixture as can occur when non-botanically derived types of products are used together.

Companies that help a wide variety of industries and individuals cope with the challenges of viral, bacterial, fungal, and other pathogenic contaminations appreciate restoration and remediation supply options that are ready to use without dilution or mixing. Bioesque® Solutions can be wiped or sprayed on affected surfaces. Broadcast application using electrostatic equipment helps manage hard to reach areas and broad expanses.

Products in the line include Bioesque® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser, effective on the tough residues left after fire damage or flooding. Bioesque® Botanical Surface Cleaner & Sealant cleans hard surfaces and leaves behind a protective barrier that resists soiling for over two weeks. Bioesque® Carpet Cleaner can be used in steam extractors, leaving no sticky residue behind.

The Bioesque® Botanical Odor Neutralizer uses an enzymatic process to neutralize lingering smells while Bioesque® Mold Resistant Coating inhibits microbial growth after cleaning and sanitizing with Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution.

Disaster recovery crews find that Bioesque® Solutions achieve results comparable to or better than the noxious products upon which they previously relied. Sustainable and environmentally friendly, these botanically-based restoration and remediation supply products are a welcome addition to the list of products that get the job done.

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