Boomer and Gio Morning Show talk BIOESQUE

Boomer Esiason using Bioesque disinfectant to disinfect the entire WFAN studio so there are no viruses, germs, bacteria, and of course covid-19


Bioesque disinfectant on Boomer and Gio Show
Boomer and Gio Morning Radio Show features Bioesque

Boomer Esiason hosing down the on-air studio with Bioesque disinfectant the other day.  Boy was his on-air partner, Gregg Giannotti, ever surprised!  “Boomer and Gio” host the top-rated morning show on WFAN in New York….a show which is also televised nationally.   

Boomer is a national television celebrity, hosting not only the Boomer & Gio Morning Show, but many other shows on CBS…especially during the football season as he played 14 years as a Quarterback in the NFL.

Hear the actual show (Dec 11, 2020) here.


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