Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist - closeup of bucket with cleaning supplies

A Basic Guide for Stocking Your Supply Closet

Having the Right Tools for the Job

Workdays lost to illness cost businesses millions of dollars every year. In order to maintain office hygiene and keep your workers healthy, it’s essential to have a good stock of office cleaning supplies on hand. You know you’re going to need some paper towels, trash bags, hand soap, and disinfecting wipes, but what else? While your needs will obviously vary depending on the size and type of your business, this checklist will serve as a solid guide for any small to medium-sized business looking to keep their office clean and their employees healthy.

Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Stay in touch with your office manager to make sure these basic supplies are always available for use. Having the right tools for the job is key in ensuring your office is clean, disinfected, and protected.

Build Out an Office Cleaning Schedule

Having a complete supply of basic cleaning supplies will do you no good if they’re not being used regularly. Design an office cleaning schedule based on your needs and assign tasks to make sure nothing is being missed. Some tasks such as emptying the trash, cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom, washing and putting away dishes in the breakroom, etc. will need to be done daily. Others like vacuuming or mopping the floors, wiping down the windows, or cleaning out the refrigerator may only need to be once a week. But by getting everything down on paper and making sure everyone is doing their part regularly, keeping a clean and healthy office is a cinch.

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