5 Disinfecting Tips

5 Disinfection Guidelines for Your Hospitality Business

Cleanliness is Key

With a lot of guests checking in and out, places like hotels are especially susceptible to germs. One of the major criteria that guide people when choosing a hotel is cleanliness – even more than location or amenities. And in today’s climate, with consumers more aware than ever about the spread of pathogens, a complete cleaning process includes disinfection.

The pressure of getting rooms ready in a short period of time along with the sheer volume of work can make disinfection difficult for hotel staff. However, guests just aren’t going to feel safe without the confidence that you’re doing everything you can to ensure their rooms are free of bacteria and germs. Here are a few guidelines for keeping your hotel or hospitality business clean and disinfected.

The Reception Areas

This is where you make your first impression. If your reception area looks clean, it suggests the rest of your building is clean as well. Make sure to vacuum the carpeting and furniture and mop hard floors regularly. And use a disinfectant on high-touch areas several times a day. This will include the reception counter, door handles, and railings.

The Guest Rooms

Again, it’s essential that your housekeeping crew is paying special attention to high-touch surfaces. In the guest rooms, it’s the doorknobs, electrical outlets, phones, etc. Additionally, don’t forget the television remote, one of the dirtiest items in a guest room.

The Bathrooms

To prevent the proliferation of mold, bathrooms need to be ventilated as much as possible. Floors need to be swept and mopped, and walls should be scrubbed. The toilet, fixtures, and all surfaces should all be cleaned and disinfected.

The Kitchen

The kitchen, with all of its food preparation surfaces, open flames, and exhaust systems, is of special importance. A heavy-duty degreaser can help, and you’ll need a disinfectant that’s safe for food-touch surfaces. With the high humidity in the room, it’s also important to keep the kitchen well ventilated.

The Dining Room

Guest traffic plus so many hands going to mouths means the dining room is another special case. Sanitizing and disinfecting tables, chairs, and booths is a must after every use. Furthermore, you want to make sure the guests feel comfortable so clean the walls and sweep and mop the floors regularly.

Keep Your Guests Safe and Your Business Thriving

Make sure your entire housekeeping crew is properly trained and supplied. Meet with them regularly to discuss procedures and problem areas and they’ll better understand what’s expected of them. Your guests will feel safe and taken care of and will be much more likely to visit again.

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